Redundancy working principle

In accordance with offshore best practice DECO opts to have twin ROV units in one offshore ROV spread.

DECO’s containerized ROVs division is equipped for long-term offshore projects. The spread is fully containerized and equipped with contingency systems to withstand the rough offshore conditions.

In accordance with offshore best practice DECO has built the ROV division around the ‘full redundancy’ working principle. This means that DECO has integrated its 4 Sea-eye Saab Cougar-XT Compact ROVs in 2 operational ROV spreads. This guarantees that in case of an eventuality with the operational ROV, the second (stand-by) ROV can be deployed instantly.

DECO aims at safeguarding the workflow and operating without down time by offering fully redundant ROV spreads.

Every spread consists of:

  • 2 Cougar-XT compact ROVs
  • Control container equipped with:
    • 2 surface control and power supply units
    • 2 hand control units
    • 2 times 6 flat screens
    • An extractable hoist beam
    • 1 intercom communication system
  • LARS (Launch And Recovery System):
    • 1 hydraulic crane
    • 2 umbilical winches
    • 1 hydraulic unit

For further specifications check our data sheets below: