Custom design

DECO rapidly engineers solutions to operational challenges.

DECO is often asked to provide custom engineering solutions for unforeseen challenges during offshore construction projects. DECO has over a decade of experience in working closely with clients to successfully resolve their issues.

Our subsea engineering experience, combined with a long history of diving works, allows us to develop a bespoke solution. Fast.

The Problem

In 2014, DECO worked with a major offshore marine contractor to provide a custom dredging solution for the removal of grout from the inside of pin piles. These pin piles secured a Well Protecting Structure to the seafloor, which needed decommissioning. Decommissioning required cutting the structures no less than 3 m below the seabed.

During installation the pin piles had been filled with grout, precluding access to the pin piles for the cutting process.

The Case

DECO was asked to come up with a dredging solution for the grout and the London clay underneath to allow access for cutting.

The Solution

In 12 weeks DECO designed, built, tested and implemented a custom cleaning tool, aptly named “Maurice”. Maurice uses 1000 bar high flow water jet technology in a Spirograph pattern to cut and dredge the grout and the London Clay. At its operational heights dredging 6-7 m of grout and 3-4 m of clay took approximately 3.5 hours. During later tests Maurice successfully cut 116 MPa limestone and 184 MPa granite.