Diamond wire cutting

DECO develops and implements diamond wire cutting solutions according to the client’s needs.

DECO designs, develops and implements bespoke diamond wire cutting frames. A continuous loop of diamond wire is mounted on a series of pulleys, one or more hydraulically driven. A large open span of wire between two of the pulleys performs the cutting as it comes into contact with the target material and continues to feed through until the cut is complete.


Designed to cut submerged pipe, casing and structure of varying materials and thicknesses using a high speed rotating diamond wire loop. DECO designs for precision cutting and destructive cutting for offshore decommissioning or construction. DECO’s diamond wire cutting frames are designed, assembled and tested in-house, built with corrosion resistant materials and are rated for specific pressures and depths.

Field of activity:

Our cutting frames are adaptable for work on quay walls, legs and structures both above the surface and below. Most are available with various remote control and automation options that make then suitable for topside control, shallow water diver control or ROV control. All DECO’s frames are built to withstand the rigors of operation in offshore, subsea environments, and our offshore hydraulic power units have special safety features ideal for platform use.