Custom design

Our subsea engineering experience enables us to develop a custom subsea cutting solution. Fast.

DECO is often asked to provide custom engineering solutions for unforeseen challenges during offshore construction projects. We have over a decade of experience in working closely with clients to successfully resolve those issues.

Here’s what we have been working on recently:

The Issue

In general, OWF jacket structures are anchored into the seabed using piles.

With pre-piling seabed variations can be levelled by varying pile stick-up. The piles need to be accurately cut at the right height to achieve the required pile stick-up.

Post-piling may require the removal of the pile tops after installation.  



In 2013, DECO worked with a major offshore marine contractor to develop a bespoke cutting solution for the removal of pile tops on offshore wind farms. This was a critical-path operation and needed a solution. Fast.

The Solution

DECO designed and implemented a UHP abrasive water jet cutting robot. DECO’s robotic frame incorporates two features.

The first is DECO’s patented Ultra High Pressure Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Technology. The high-tensile steel piles of jacket structures are cut internally by a 3000 bar abrasive water jet. This cold cutting procedure is performed by a robotic cutting tool and guarantees best safety practice thanks to its remote control capabilities and the absence of thermal or mechanical stress at the cutting edge.

Secondly the cutting frame has the ability to clamp the pile top. Immediately after completing the cutting operation the crane vessel lifts the robot with pile top on to the vessel’s deck. No additional rigging or lifting operations needed. Only one crane is required and the duration of cutting and lifting procedure has been shortened dramatically.