MSC Chitra

DECO executed precise circular cuts on the ship hull to enable the installation of hoisting bollards. The precise cuts and smooth cutting edge prevent the hull from tearing while lifting


Msc Chitra wreck removal

The August of 2010 saw the collision of two cargo ships MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia off the Mumbai coast. The collision resulted into spilling of containers and oil along the full coastline. MSC Chitra, which was carrying 1219 containers, 2662 tons of fuel, 283 tons of diesel, and 88040 litres of lubricating oil, capsized and sank into the sea, creating maximum damage to the area. The removal contract was awarded to SMIT Salvage. DECO provided SMIT with dive teams and executed the cutting works during the project.


Project scope

The cutting works consisted of the cutting of 64 lifting holes from fore to aft. The exact locations were specified by the naval architects of SMIT. Subsequently, a bespoke designed cutting frame moved the nozzle into place and continued to cut one hole after the other with exceptional precision. DECO’s UHP abrasive water jet cutting technology is able to make precise and thin cuts with an error margin of 1mm and a smooth cutting edge. The latter is an essential advantage when rigging and lifting the wreck pieces. It guarantees an even distribution of the stress in the hull around the cut hole. It prevents tears or ruptures in the hull during the lifting procedure.


Cutting specifications

• Cutting of 64 lifting holes
• Diameter 330mm
• Wall thickness: 42mm
• Water depth : 10m.