Kamarajar Port | Excavator Salvage

DEME hired DECO to assist with the salvage of a sunken excavator present in the Kamarajar Port dredging area (India).


Project scope

DECO’s experienced diving superintendent together with 1 dive team managed the salvage works. The divers removed the sand from around the excavator with the aid of an air lift. The boom of the excavator was cut with Broco, underwater cutting system. The different parts were recovered using lifting bags.


Cutting specifications

Excavator was separated into 2 pieces based on the underwater position: the boom of the excavator and the remaining body of the excavator. 

Total diving team consisted of 1 DECO diving superintendent,
4 DECO lead divers and 12 local divers.

•Air lift sand dredging

•Underwater cutting of excavator boom with Broco

•Lifting of parts with lift bags

•Underwater crane rigging installation

•Diving depth 20m