West of Duddon Sands Substation

DECO designed and built a bespoke cutting frame with lifting capabilities for pile top removal. An industry’s first and a unique approach

Project scope
• West of Duddon Sands | UKCS Scotland
• Wind farm installation project | DONG & Scaldis
• Ultra high pressure abrasive water jet cutting
• Cutting of 4 steel pile tops
• Cutting frame remotely operated
• Lift operation performed by cutting frame
• Video monitoring on the cutting frame


Cutting frame features
• Internal cutting operation
• Squeeze force capacity of 280ton
• Umbilical equipped with hydraulicpressure loss protection
• Cutting frame with lifting capacity
• Contingency aid hooks during lift


Pile cutting specifications
• 2134mm pile diameter
• 6800mm pile circumference
• 55 mm wall thickness
• 21m water depth
• Cutting team: 2pax


• Design, production, assembly, live test & mobilisation of the cutting frame in 4 weeks
• Cutting spread set up on board Rambiz in 1 day
• Cutting frame installation < 1hr
• Cutting operation of 1 pile: 3hrs
• Completion of 4 cuts in 48 hrs