Amrunbank West

DECO developed a bespoke cutting and lifting robot for the removal of pile tops.


 Project scope

For the installation project of the substation at Amrunbank West in the German North Sea DECO  provided GeoSea with a solution for the removal of pile tops. DECO integrated it’s signature UHP abrasive water jet cutting technology in an inrunner robot with lifting capabilities.

The robot is equipped with 4 x 30 ton vertical lifting clamps allowing the vessel crane to safely lift the pile top on to deck after cutting. The hydraulic Amrun ‘cut & lift robot’ is remotely operated and allows the team to work without the need for diver intervention.

Additionally DECO mounted a camera system on the cutting frame to monitor the cutting process. Combined with a containerized ROV spread which provided installation guidance  DECO successfully completed the cutting and removal of the pile tops.


Cutting Specifications

  • Length of pile top for removal: 4,5 meter from top
  • 2438 mm pile diameter
  • 55 mm wall thickness
  • 17.1 m water depth