South Riding Point pipe line

A then-new technical benchmark, DECO performed flawless cuts through a multi-layered, sandwich-structured pipe line.


Project scope

Jan De Nul contracted DECO for the removal of a decommissioned oil pipe line in South Riding Point, Bahamas.

DECO designed a bespoke window cutting frame for its Ultra-High-Pressure Abrasive Water Jet Cutting technology. It allowed DECO access into the pipe line. An inrunner cutting robot was then inserted through the window to cut the pipe line from the inside, allowing piece-by-piece removal.

A new industrial benchmark was set during the project. DECO’s UHP abrasive water jet cutting technology performed flawless cuts through a multi-layered pipe line. The pipe line wall was sandwich-structured with layers of different compositions and water columns.   

Additionally DECO did all the diving during the installation of the cutting frame and throughout the entire project.