SEP Orion Jack-up

DECO was responsible for the cutting of the 4 legs of the Jack-up platform SEP Orion in Sao Luisz, Brasil.


Project scope

DECO was contracted by Smit/Boskalis Offshore for the removal of a jack-up barge in Sao Luisz, Brazil. The platform had collapsed on its side during a storm.

DECO performed the cutting of 4 steel spud piles of the SEP Orion jack-up barge. DECO designed an Ultra-high pressure abrasive water jet cutting frame in-house. The outrunner cutting frame was installed by divers, a complex procedure since the platform was exposed to heavy currents in zero underwater visibility. The cuts were performed in muddy water to complete the operation in time.

DECO provided the dive teams during the 2 month project. The cutting frame was designed and built in-house. DECO also provided the cutting team to operate the system.

Despite the rough conditions the cutting and diving works were completed on time and within budget.