Leman BH platform | Southern North Sea

Boskalis contracted DECO to cut jacket piles and 8 aligned pin holes for lifting.


Project scope

DECO performed the decommissioning of the Leman BH platform in three phases, executed in following order:

  • Cutting of 8 aligned lifting pin holes, diameter 300mm, by means of the circular hole cutting tool
  • Cutting of 4 jacket piles, using our internal cutting tool

DECO was also responsible for the installation of a rigging platform on top of the jacket. The rigging platform allowed access to the inner parts of the jacket piles in a safe way and was equipped with a pedestal crane, used for handling the DECO tools. 

Pile cutting and dredging specifications

  • Pile diameter: 1219 mm
  • Wall thickness of piles: 38,1 mm
  • Water depth: 38 m
  • Cutting 3 m below seabed