K10-B platform

The jacket removal of the K10-B platform requires a unique tool: DECO’s bespoke clay cutter dredge Hannibal.


Project scope

Removal of Wintershall’s K10-B platform in the Dutch North Sea. Together with heavy lift specialist Scaldis DECO executed the final pile cutting before heavy lifting. DECO’s UHP abrasive water jet cutting technology was used to cut the piles of the jacket structure.

The jacket structure needs to be removed below seabed level. Survey results showed a number of soil plugs in the piles. Conventional pile dredges cannot disintegrate such compacted sediment layers. To alleviate this operational limit DECO designed the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ clay cutter dredge. HP water jets cut and penetrate the clay layer and cutting teeth scrape the weakened clay layer.

Subsequently DECO’s internal cutting robot wedges itself in the pile at the desired depth and cuts the pile.