Camelot Platform

The combined action of pile dredging and UHP abrasive water jet cutting guaranteed an efficient method.


Project scope

Camelot ceased production and the wells within the field have been permanently plugged and abandoned. Subsequently the Camelot CA infrastructure, comprised of the conductors, topsides, leg extensions and jacket structure, was removed in a series of heavy lifts. DECO dredged and cut the jacket’s four piles 3 m below the seabed for heavy lift specialist Scaldis.

The North Sea legal protocol requires the operator to remove the jacket below seabed level. For this purpose DECO designed a modified dredge pump capable of dredging the pile but also clearing debris and cleaning the pile wall in a single operation.

Consequently DECO was able to effectively cut the 4 piles with a 1100mm pile diameter, 20mm wall thickness at a 30° inclination and 38mm cutting edge.